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Xtractor 5.1/XtractorSynth (Low Latency) released

XtractorSynth May 2012 CTP

XtractorSynth combines a MIDI SoundFont engine, with a MIDI loop device. It is intended to be a low latency replacement for the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth that is included in Windows.

This allows Xtractor to be used with controller keyboards and other MIDI devices without a built in hardware synth, such as some drum machines and guitar controllers without the latency that has previously been a big problem for these devices and Xtractor.

The problem:

Windows PCs come with a software synth (MS GM Wavetable) that produces unusable latency when used with a MIDI instrument connected to the computer.

Gigajam have recommended using GM Keyboards, Drum kits and Guitars, which contain their own sound cards, therefore eliminating latency and providing a good performance and experience.

If you have a controller keyboard, or drum kit, which has no internal sounds, or if it does have sounds, but does n’t have a MIDI in port, then you need a software synth on your computer that performs better than the MS Wavetable.

Gigajam have been developing one and are releasing their CTP Xtractor software synth to see if this is a distributable option. Testing has been successful

The solution:

We have developed a software synthesizer that enables users to trigger sounds from their computer with indiscernible latency. This is ideal when using Gigajam’s Xtractor software to record and analyse exercises.

You will need to download and install our software, then do a very simple one time configuration to optimise your latency for your computer, following our instructions.

Watch our video below, then go to http://gigajamvle.com/download/ctp  and freely download and install our software and installation guide.

For support contact: support@gigajam.com