Yamaha EZ-AG MIDI guitars are available through Gigajam partner One Man Band

musical instrument partner, One Man Band of Banbury (OMB), has secured a supply of
EZ-AG guitars for UK schools.

OMB’s David Cooper said “We are really pleased to continue to support Gigajam by supplying
the hugely popular Yamaha EZ-AG guitars for Gigajam’s school users. We have made arrangements
to supplement our existing stock with a further 100 guitars arriving in March ’08.
More guitars can be sourced to meet demand and any school interested in the EZ-AG
for their music department just needs to get  in touch with the Gigajam team.”

Gigajam’s Brian Greene said “We are into our third year now with David and his team
at One Man Band. It is great news for our customers for us to have such a great partner
– we started with the supply of 150 Yamaha instruments to the 30 participating schools
in the Buckinghamshire VLE project and OMB have now become our preferred supplier.
We created an online musical instrument store together for our Independent Newspaper
‘Learn to play the keyboard’ promotion in April ’07,  and have continued to supply
instruments online through Gigajam’s Online Store (www.gigajam.com)
and TV Station (www.gigajam.tv).

Instruments are available for purchase by retail customers at www.gigajam.com and
by schools at http://schools.gigajam.com.
We like to support our customers in their development of learning spaces in music
classrooms, so please feel free to call 0800 055 6797, or email schools@gigajam.com
to discuss your requirements.

2 thoughts on “Yamaha EZ-AG MIDI guitars are available through Gigajam partner One Man Band”

    1. Hello Patrick,

      Sadly these great instruments are no longer manufactured and the last one that was in stock was sold some while ago. However, they come up on Ebay reasonably regularly and there is one on there now.


      I notice that there is a seller in Japan on Amazon and the price is reasonable. They were £189 10 years ago, so including shipping this reasonable.

      Please let me know of I can help in anyway.

      Very best wishes


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