Why did we start Gigajam?

In this extract from a recent interview with CEO & Founder Brian Greene, he briefly explains why he started Gigajam and was so focused on music in classrooms in the UK.

“I wanted to provide more opportunities for people to learn a musical instrument.”

Gigajam is available in 6 of the 13 Regional Broadband Consortia around the UK including:

  1. London Grid for Learning,
  2. South West Grid for Learning,
  3. E2BN,
  4. WMNet,
  5. Northern Grid and
  6. Scotlands Schools Digital Network – Glow.

Individual Local Authorities also use Gigajam across their schools, and some of these include: The Highland Council, Blackburn with Darwen and Luton MBC. Over 1,000 UK schools use Gigajam on a daily basis through their own licence arrangements.

Our Online Music School for Schools is found at http://gigajamvle.com

For more information about Gigajam and schools, visit  http://education.gigajam.com


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