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Gigajam Online Audio Player

We are developing our own Online Audio Player, that will allow students to practise  Gigajam exercises along with mp3’s, directly from our Online Music Schools.

The Online Audio Player will be in addition to our existing MIDI play along/recording and analysis software (GigajamXtractor/GigajamAnalyser).

The New Online Audio Player (integrated into GigajamExerciseWindow)

As the audio player will be online, there will be no downloading, nor installation. It will be ideal for mobile users, as well as those who do not wish to use MIDI, or connect an instrument to their computer or mobile device.

The beta version has already been released, to support the development of a new online exam system and the tunes, musical notation and supported lesson notes can be viewed freely for guitar, bass, keyboard and drums up to the end of Gigajam’s Level One. Accordingly, you will find our exams pitched at:

Debut Grade (end of lesson02) Grade One (end of lesson04) Grade Two (end of lesson07) Grade Three ( end of lesson10).

There are five evolving tunes at each grade which you can try.


 Debut Grade | Grade One | Grade Two| Grade Three   


 Debut Grade | Grade One | Grade Two| Grade Three    


  Debut Grade | Grade One | Grade Two| Grade Three  


  Debut Grade | Grade One | Grade Two| Grade Three    

The Gigajam Audio Player will be fully available across both our Schools service at http://gigajamvle.com and our Consumer service at http://gigajamonline.com by the end of January 2012.

Using MIDI in schools means near silent study in classes. Essential for managing music making practical and possible in the classroom. Most schools have plenty of MIDI keyboard instruments, but most have fewer for guitars, basses and drums.  A big benefit will be for schools who wish to use Gigajam, but want to use their existing instruments, rather than MIDI. In conjunction with silent classroom monitoring systems like Jam Hubs, students will be able to use Gigajam lessons with standard guitars, basses and drum kits, supporting the opportunity for more instrumental tuition in the classroom (National Music Plan).

For more information about Gigajam and all our products and services, please contact:

Brian Greene


|T: 01494 534880 |M:07976 208859 |E: brian.greene@gigajam.com


Gigajam software developments 2011/12

We have developed our Xtractor/Analyser software significantly (now on Version 5) and have taken the opportunity to fully review our development options, especially in light of Apple, Windows and mobile device developments. We have identified a pathway of development that will produce a series of exciting new options for users which we will be releasing in the new year. These are designed to support the specific needs of different users of our service which we have divided broadly into education users and home users.

 X5 to be upgraded with new suite of Gigajam play along, recording and performance analysis solutions

Gigajam Audio Player

Firstly, we are developing an Online Audio Player that will allow users to play along with Gigajam exercises direct from the Online Music School (http://gigajamvle.com for education users and http://gigajamonline.com for home users). A number of home users do not use the Analyser function in our Xtractor MIDI player and simply enjoy practising by playing along with the exercises without connecting a music instrument to their computer. There will be a number of specific benefits for these users:

  1. Hosted in our Online Music School and no installation will be required.
  2. Compatible on iPad and other mobile devices.
  3. Gigajam audio exercise files can be downloaded onto other audio players for playing offline.
  4. Exercise files will be of a consistent higher audio quality.

Gigajam Xtractor for Apple

The new Xtractor for MACOSX Lion, will be built using core apple sequencing and midi tracks allowing us to develop for iMacs, Power Macs, iPads and Smartphones.


Gigajam Xtractor for Windows

We will be upgrading Xtractor 5 this autumn to include VST, so that controller keyboards can be used without latency. This will expand the number of keyboards that will work seamlessly with Gigajam and allow any MIDI instrument to use sounds from the computer, rather than instrument for monitoring.


For more information on Gigajam 2011 developments then please do not hesitate to contact Brian Greene:

Tel:           01494 534880/07976 208859

Email:      brian.greene@gigajam.com

Important Announcement regarding MacOSX, Lion and Xtractor

Apple have decided to remove Rosetta from the latest version of their operating system, Mac OS X, Lion. Gigajam’s current Mac version of Xtractor will therefore NOT work on Mac OSX Lion, as Rosetta is the framework that allows PowerPC code to run on new Intel Macs.

We must, therefore, advise current Mac OSX users either not to upgrade to Lion just yet, or consider creating a second partition, or drive, with Snow Leopard on it, so that you can continue to use all your Rosetta programs.

For more information and advice please feel free to contact us on:

Email:-     support@gigajam.com (Iain Norman/Lead developer, Brian Greene/Director)

Tel:-          01494 534880

Further details relating to our software development plans for Apple users and general software developments will be made in a seperate announcement.