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Why did we start Gigajam?

In this extract from a recent interview with CEO & Founder Brian Greene, he briefly explains why he started Gigajam and was so focused on music in classrooms in the UK.

“I wanted to provide more opportunities for people to learn a musical instrument.”

Gigajam is available in 6 of the 13 Regional Broadband Consortia around the UK including:

  1. London Grid for Learning,
  2. South West Grid for Learning,
  3. E2BN,
  4. WMNet,
  5. Northern Grid and
  6. Scotlands Schools Digital Network – Glow.

Individual Local Authorities also use Gigajam across their schools, and some of these include: The Highland Council, Blackburn with Darwen and Luton MBC. Over 1,000 UK schools use Gigajam on a daily basis through their own licence arrangements.

Our Online Music School for Schools is found at http://gigajamvle.com

For more information about Gigajam and schools, visit  http://education.gigajam.com


School Music Education Plans

5 ways that our Online Music School can help you boost your Hub

  1. Increase reach into schools, in particular secondary schools, to support the delivery of music, technology and the creative curriculum at Keys Stage 3 & 4.
  2. Bridge from First Access into an offer for all pupils that is sustainable and can take learners to Grade 5.
  3. Increase the demand in numbers of pupils choosing to learn an instrument with Music Service teachers.
  4. Give every child, irrespective of their needs or background, the chance to learn a musical instrument in class and online, even from home, for free.
  5. Provision to all schools of an online resource that is affordable and sustainable which uses interactive technologies to help hubs support teachers deliver more instrumental lessons than previously possible.

Every child can have access to Gigajam

Gigajam is genuinely affordable and we can host the service for all your schools, colleges, educational establishments, and looked after children reaching the even hardest to reach.

If you want Gigajam for your hub we can agree a cost you can afford. For an indication of just how affordable see our hub pricing.

If you want Gigajam for your school see our school pricing.

Please contact us now. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss your service’s needs and how Gigajam can help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Brian Greene

01494 534880 / 07976 208859