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Boosting Music Education Hubs

How will Gigajam boost your Music Hub?

Do you want every child to have a chance to learn an instrument and play in an ensemble?┬áDo you want cross boundary approaches? Do you want to meet Ofsted’s priorities for improving music and access to sustainable, progressive, music learning?

5 ways that Gigajam Online Music School will boost your Music Education Hub.

  • Increase reach into schools, in particular secondary schools, to support the delivery of music, technology and the creative curriculum at KS3 & 4
  • Bridge from First Access into an offer for all pupils that is sustainable and can take learners to a standard equivalent to Grade 5
  • Increase the demand in numbers of pupils choosing to learn an instrument with Music Service teachers
  • Give every child, irrespective of their needs or background, the chance to learn a musical instrument in class and online for free
  • Provision to all schools of an online resource that is affordable and sustainable which uses interactive technology to help hubs support teachers deliver more instrumental lessons than previously possible.

For more information on Gigajam’s unique offer for schools and hubs, please visit http://hubs.gigajam.com

Please feel free to contact Brian Greene if you want to discuss your Hub’s needs in more detail.

t: 01494 534880

m: 07976 208859