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Drive in Muziekschool launched in Amsterdam

Gigajam is available to schools in Amsterdam via their Broadband network for schools (BOA) and on Monday the 11th July BOA presented a new service for schools, Drive in Muziekschool. It is a mobile classroom solution for schools who do not have dedicated IT support yet wish to provide more opportunities for students to learn how to play a musical instrument.

Presenting the Drive In Muziekschool

The Drive in musiziekschool concept is a mobile workstation containing desking, a band set of instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard and drums) and laptops pre installed with Gigajam lesson content and software – ready to go!

Guitar, Bass, Keyboard & Drums Drive In workstation

Saranna Maureau, project manager for BOA launched the concept at the Wagg Society in Amsterdam to an audience including schools teachers, teacher trainers, Kennisnet http://www.kennisnet.nl/, KPN (http://www.kpn.com/ Dutch telecom network provider) and QLICT (http://www.qlict.com/ Schools network management provider).

Drive In Muziekschool

Children from the Leonardo da Vinci school demonstrated how they use Gigajam, with their teacher Vladi, who is provided by The Muziekschool Amsterdam West. http://www.muziekschoolamsterdam.nl/

Leonardo da Vinci students


For more information on Gigajam in The Netherlands then please contact:

Saranna Maureau Project Manager BOA saranna.maureau@gmail.com

Brian Greene Director Gigajam brian.greene@gigajam.com

View Amsterdam Case Study and Project Pages http://schools.gigajam.com/nl/

Try Gigajam in Dutch at http://gigajamvle.com Simply select the Dutch national flag

Background on BOA and Gigajam in The Netherlands

BOA are the Broadband for Schools Network, http://www.boa-amsterdam.nl/nl/home/ which runs across the City of Amsterdam. They have selected Gigajam as a content provider for their schools and now provide access to Gigajam’s Online Music School http://gigajamvle.com across their network. This provides the opportunity for all Amsterdam students to learn to play a musical instrument; guitar, bass, keyboard and drums, in school and at home.

BOA work hard to help their schools develop innovative uses of technology to support and develop learning and increasing access. Gigajam Drive In is a mobile classsroom solution for musical instrument tuition. The scheme will see BOA delivering pre installed laptops, Yamaha instruments and, of course, access to Gigajam via the BOA network.

Brian Greene said, “This is a great innovation for Amsterdam schools and is a tried and tested delivery model in The Highland Council Region, Scotland, where they have been  supporting 84 primary schools with access to Gigajam since 2005 with their own Music Classroom on the Move concept. (http://schools.gigajam.com/CaseStudyHighlands.aspx)

The scheme is aimed at supporting smaller schools with no dedicated network technicians so that they have a plug and play experience.

Gigajam is available to City of Amsterdam schools via http://gigajamvle.com and the early lessons can be followed in both English and Dutch, to support younger students.