Spring Pricing 2016 for Gigajam


New pricing details are available now for Gigajam home users.

Before the increase in price to new users comes into effect we are extending our offer to existing registered users for a couple more days whilst the changes are implemented.

The new pricing will be live in a few days, so we are keeping our offer to existing registered users open for a couple of further days. The offer is a Lifetime Membership at just £39.99!

Spring Prices

The new pricing will offer subscriptions at £5.99 per month or £59 per year per instrument for: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard OR Drums

The new Lifetime Membership will be £79 single one off fee per instrument.

For unlimited access to all instruments the subscriptions are £9.99 per month and £99 per year, with a Lifetime Membership offer £249 for: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard AND Drums

Full offer details are here Gigajam Lifetime Offer:


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