Music Education Hub Partner – 10 reasons for choosing Gigajam

Gigajam can help your Hub meet the aims of the National Music Plan  

Here are just 10 reasons why Gigajam is an ideal Hub Partner



1. More for Less – Harnessing technology to increase scale & reach: – Gigajam is available anytime, anywhere, helping music services significantly increase their current offer to schools and complementing existing activities.


2. Available to ALL: –  Gigajam can be made available to all schools and all their students, in school and at home, giving every child, irrespective of their needs or background, the chance to learn a musical instrument in class and online for free.


3. Large Savings to Hubs: – Gigajam will be heavily discounted to Hubs, in return for a single licence, making it genuinely inexpensive to provide a Hub wide licence that includes each and every school and educational establishment within the Hub area.


5. Affordable, Sustainable & Flexible: – Gigajam Hub charging model is calculated at a rate of 1.5% of formula, so the price is linked to available funding.  The cost of a licence will therefore reduce as funding reduces, making it truly sustainable. Gigajam will also be happy to negotiate fees according to local context.


6. Accreditation: – Gigajam has a programme of study that enables students to achieve a Level 1 Arts Award and has plans to make a Level 2 certificate available, equivalent to Grade 5, by September 2012


7. Supporting & Reaching Secondary Schools: – Gigajam will increase a Hubs reach into schools, in particular secondary schools, to support the delivery of music, technology and the creative curriculum at KS3 & 4


8. Progression, Transition and Sustainable Pathways: – Gigajam can help bridge  Wider Opportunities Programmes into a more sustainable offer for all pupils that can take learners up to a standard equivalent to Grade 5


9. Increase Demand for Music Lessons: – Gigajam will help increase the numbers of pupils choosing to learn an instrument with music service teachers.


10. Fun, Engaging and Rewarding:- Gigajam provides real instrumental skills through interactive eLearning, enabling students to develop tangible and transferable skills  so  they can engage fully in a wider music curriculum and be able to join in a broad range of ensemble opportunities.

You can see Gigajam in action in our case study pages here:

And a few of our many testimonials can be read here:


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