Gigajam now available in more than 100 UK Local Authorities

Gigajam across the National Educational Network

Gigajam’s award winning Essential Skills Course is now available in more schools than ever before with agreements that make Gigajam available in over 100 of the UK’s Local Authorities.

The UKs Regional Broadband Consortia lead the way in implementing the aims of the government’s strategy for ‘Harnessing Technology’. Six of the 13 UK RBCs, which make up the National Education Network, now provide all of their schools with access to a significant taster of Gigajam content.

Gigajam’s vision is to make learning a musical instrument available to All pupils and students, free at the point of access. We have a lot of hard work to do in enabling all students to be able have access to musical instrument lessons, whether they are at school, or at home, but we continue to make significant progress in support of the aims of our government’s Music Manifesto. Personalisation, Independent Learning and Assessment for Learning are just some of the ways in which Gigajam ‘Harnesses Technology’ to create genuinely affordable, sustainable and progressive opportunities to support music making in and out of the class room.

How to access Gigajam through your RBC

The first five lessons can be accessed at school from the participating RBCs listed on our National Education Network page.

For more information then please contact Brian Greene, Managing Director:


t|0800 055 6797

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