Drummer play along tracks available from briangreene.net

Although, now better known as MD of Gigajam, Brian Greene is a professional drummer and clinician and has often been asked to perform in drum workshops, masterclasses and live demonstrations. The following 3 tracks have been used by Brian when performing live and were used specifically in the modules he taught for Ensemble Performance Playing at Thames Valley University.  

The follwing three tracks are available to develop some key skills and play along with, namely:

1. Performing with a click track.

2. Improvising grooves and solos

3. Playing in odd time signatures (15/8 and 7/8)

4. Soloing in odd time signatures

5. Creating lead sheets and developing techniques that enable you to learn tracks quickly

6. Canvas for creativity

The Play Along Tracks are:-

Harbour Lights Shuffle pop groove.

Simple Letters Rock track written in 7/8 and 15/8 for developing odd time groove and soloing

The Buzz Straight ahead rock track with opportunities to develop soloing over percussion ostinatos.

You can find them online at http://bit.ly/fsf7HP

Here are two senarios you could use them with as a development exercise.

1. Recording Session

Receiving a track to quickly learn and play, creating an appropriate drum part for a composer who has written a track with only guide drums. The guide drums are removed and the student needs to replace and enhance.

Students are encouraged to create a lead sheet from the track and then quickly develop; drum parts, grooves, fills and soloing ideas.

 Exploring creativity – accessing vocabulary

The tracks provide an opportunityo be used as a canvas for ceativity, providing a musical template for drummers to explore how to access their drumming vocabulary.

Technical Notes

The metronome is in the right stereo picture and the track in the left.

Please fee free to share with students. We hope you like them!

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