CPD Programme for Music Teachers – Gigajam – Teaching with technology

A new programe is available for Hubs and Schools to support the use of music technology in the delivery of instrumental teaching in the classroom. The programme’s learning outcomes are listed below.

Gigajam CPD Training for Music Teachers – Teaching with technology

Learning Outcomes


  • Develop an understanding and familiarity of Gigajam’s approach to instrumental tuition through elearning: 
    • Creating more instrumental lessons.
    • How Gigajam is currently being used:
      • Whole class – School
      • Small group – School
      • Individuals – School
      • Individuals – Home
  • Build an understanding of how Gigajam’s lessons and software is designed and works: 
    • How students use Gigajam.
    • How teachers use Gigajam.


  • Consider and reflect upon a variety of teaching with technology pedagogies. 
  • Be able to use GigajamVLE as a teacher to support students use and track their progress. 


    • Register and login teachers and students to GigajamVLE.
    • Select and follow instrumental lessons, using narrated text, ‘how to’ videos, and TV Shows.
    • Use the Gigajam Online Audio Player to practice and play along with exercises.
    • Use Gigajam Xtractor software to practice, play along and record exercises.
    • Use Gigajam Analyser to receive feedback on record performances.
    • Upload and store performances in e-Portfolio, place and receive comments, and link to video/audio performances.
    • Receive house points and certificates of completion
    • Use the teachers’ staff room to monitor and moderate students’ work.


  • Be able to provide Gigajam with list of students so that classes can be created automatically. 
  • Be able to connect MIDI instruments to computers by installing Gigajam software suite and MIDI instrument drivers.

For more details please contact Brian Greene on:

e: brian.greene@gigajam.com

t: 01494 534880

m: 07976 208859

Skype: briangigajam

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