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New cheaper Gigajam books

We have recently cut the production costs of our Level 1 books by a considerable amount. We have decided to pass these savings onto our customers. So a Level 1 book now only costs £13.99 instead of £19.99.

The Level 1 books are a great accompaniment to your computer based lesson notes, allowing you to study away from the computer, laying in bed, sitting on the train, wherever you wish.

Visit our online store to buy them now.

Gigajam Announces Free to View Online TV Lessons

All 45 episodes of Gigajam’s educational TV series for Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, and
Drums are now available online in time for Christmas, free, at

Gigajam previously broadest theses TV series’ across Europe on the Sky TV network.
Each episode focuses on one of the lessons from Level 1 of Gigajam’s award winning
Essential Skills Courses. The courses teach the fundamentals of music theory whilst
learning to play an instrument.

The skills learned in Level 1 equate to music grades Debut, 1, 2 and 3.

Gigajam felt that many websites, with both professional and user generated content,
provided only small snippets of learning, such as how to play a specific song. Gigajam’s
TV series, and the Essential Skills Courses they are based on, demonstrate a more
structured and progressive pathway of study. Students do not learn to play one song,
rather they develop the skills required to play many more.